About Us


SLAM is a new venue and bar in King’s Cross that curates to enable creators to create. We programme: spoken word, theatre, art, music and comedy, housing their work with minimal fuss and maximum facilitation to provide a sturdy, and damn right cool, platform from which they can show their stuff. From that, our mission is to build a community of both emerging and emerged artists, writers and performers. Creating development, accessibility and back-scratching opportunities within it. Nurturing our social impact as we go, we will be developing an educational strand, built upon a variety of workshops, that will feed, proportionally, into the live events.  

best comedy in London

We see the stage at SLAM as your stage too. We’re looking to work across all disciplines to make the most out of the lovely little chapel we’ve moved into. We’ll be putting on weekly events, including some of the best comedy, theatre, music, art, spoken word and discussions.

Inspiring the community to do what they love, whilst doing what we love. If you want to get involved, bringing your passions to the stage and the hall, find out how to do it on the Get Involved or Contact Us pages below.


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