A supportive space for emerging artists to exhibit.

We want to make it easier for emerging artists to exhibit their work in central London. So, we’d like to open our doors as a free exhibition space, in King’s Cross, for individual artists, group projects or collaborations. We’d also give you the opportunity to do a talk or workshop aligned with your practises. We’ll always offer information on your work in the most comprehensive way possible, we’ll always be open to questioning, with a mind to make your work as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. We’re not a claustrophobic, white wash of a space we’re inquisitive and inviting. Instead of exhibiting art for artists, we’re exhibiting art for artists and the rest of us.

This is how we’ll do it … You can choose whether you submit individually, by sending a few images accompanied by a few words that contextualise you, your work and process. Or you can submit that alongside a proposal for a group project on a unified theme that you can either curate yourself, curate with us, or ask us to curate. The space will be free for a day long exhibition. We’ll do as much as you in terms of marketing, promotion and inviting everyone we know who’ll be of value to you.

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