Berg’s New Writing Festival


Fissure by Hattie Collins: Can you love someone who represents everything you hate in the world? The world is in chaos. Hazel, a doctor, and Archer a space shuttle engineer fall in love. Archer’s work creating shuttle engines, when unsuccessful, has terrible repercussions on people’s health, leaving Hazel to deal with an excess of ill people. What is the cost when the one thing powerful enough to let them leave the planet, they have already neglected so badly, could also completely destroy it?

RID by Sam Keefe: This house is crumbling. RID is a story of inheritance and consumption, getting inside what we take and what we are left with. Spread over four acts, RID follows four different characters living within four different homes of the same building. Peter and Wendy are the middle-aged neighbours living downstairs. Firs and Lopakhin (the cat) live upstairs. As the house slowly crumbles, Lopakhin does anything he can to escape, whilst Firs does anything she can to keep herself locked in. Inspired by Chekhov’s ‘The Cherry Orchard’ and J.M. Barrie’s ‘Peter and Wendy’, the play uses grotesque imagery and dark humour to explore lost dreams and loneliness.