The Plough by Isabel Dixon


…After a chance meeting, the pair strike up an unlikely friendship and join forces to search for Joe’s missing father. And as the stories of their parents’ pasts unfold, blurring the lines across generations, we begin to see how the connections between parents and children are as complex and enduring as the stars in the sky.

Set against a backdrop of busy London streets and sleepy Scarborough beaches, The Plough weaves theatre, storytelling, spoken word and live music to spin a tale of heritage and identity, love and loss, cosmonauts, heroes and baked beans.

Our work-in-progress showings are a chance to see the show in development, offer your thoughts and feedback and be a part of The Plough’s story.

Research and development of The Plough has been generously supported by the Jack Wills Young Brit Award and the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.

Praise for Burn Bright Theatre’s previous work:

“Stunning and highly energetic performances … absolute magic.” – Remotegoat

“Frenzied anarchy; there isn’t a weak performance to be found.” – A Younger Theatre

“Boundless energy … a talented young ensemble.” – Londonist