SLAMinutes Goes Mental Submission


SLAMinutes Goes Mental


A guerrilla theatre movement from SLAM King’s X

30 Performers + ONE Location + ONE Vital Topic + ONE Minute Each


Motley Opinions & Solid Entertainment

SLAMinutes tackles the biggest talking point yet … Mental Health


We’re bored out of our minds of mental health being spoken of as statistics instead of people, or not being talked about at all. Is it understood? No wait … are we understood?


Understood by our Mum; our mates; the next therapist; next therapist; next therapist; are we understood by our boyfriends, girlfriends, Dad’s second cousin’s cat? Are we understood by the bloody NHS – because we damn well need to be – do we even understand our own, ourselves?


What’s making it worse? Society? Cuts? Pressures? The things we go through? The real question is …


What, in the name of all that is holy, can we do about it?


We can talk about it! We can share our experience of it and in that we can bloody well show that none of us are on our own in it.


Mental health belongs to everyone, every human being, everywhere. And it sure as hell doesn’t discriminate. But we, the writers, the performers, the creatives, have the loudest voice, we have the stages and we can talk about it, as loudly as we possibly can. We can reach the us that spent days under a duvet, the us that couldn’t make the thoughts stop and the us that just couldn’t face it. Because we’re loud; we’re entertaining and there’s definitely enough of us.


We are looking for 30 writers, artists and performers to submit one minute each on Mental Health. A chance to blast away the stigma of it, to share and share in our experiences of it. From the inside or the outside and to prove we’re not alone.


Deadline: Sunday 16th September

Performance Date and Location: Crypt Gallery, London.14th October .

Entry Form: