SLAMinutes talks about SEX


Excuse me while I quote Oscar Wilde:

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”

As ever SLAMinutes is about to get down to the nitty gritty of what the hell is going on in the world. A thirty strong squad ready to shout from the rooftops about all the things that are being brushed under the carpet. The things that back us into a corner. Anything and everything that makes us feel powerless that should, in fact, make us feel empowered: powerful even.

There is no greater example of this than Sex.

Breaking news: Sex is everything that we are, it’s how we are made and represents almost everything about how we live. SLAMinutes talks about S-E-X in all it’s glory and from its very gut. We want to hear about how it affects you. Sex is the umbrella and under it comes your sexuality, your gender – how you are represented in each, your politics, your love, your connections, your lust, your loss, your politics, your power. YOU.

Even as I type it, even as you read it, the snigger rumbles, suppressed, as if it’s something that should live behind a closed door and only come out in darkness.

That, now that, is exactly why we need to talk about it.

Right now, even as we speak, sexual health clinics are being targeted by cuts, there doors closed under the radar. Why? Because no one wants to talk about it. That’s just one glaring example of what happens when something is quashed.

Sex is a dirty word sometimes for the right reasons – often for the wrong. Well, we have the opportunity to share all the words we have on it. Every part of it. Sex, sexuality, gender, power and everything in between. We are looking for 30 Writers and Performers: playwrights, spoken word artists, comedians, burlesque performers and singer-songwriters to have their say.

This is an all new WEEK LONG RUN of SLAMinutes. Which is bigger and bolder – but also means we can offer more:

Guaranteed industry presence.

Interest from publishers, who will be attending.

They can also be a rapid write response to our comedy play Bingo about sexual health,

  • For that reason we can offer each writer one complimentary ticket to any performance next week (12th-17th June). Each SLAMinutes will take place at 9pm, following Bingo.

Guaranteed industry, free tickets and a brand new audience in a professional theatre.

***As the FIRST EVER full SLAMinutes Festival, that will run alongside Bingo from the 19th-24th June. We have more spaces for amazing writers and performers than ever before … as such I will be confirming and releasing line-up as we go, please note that this does not mean that you have been unsuccessful if you do not hear immediately. ***