Soundtracks to Simulated Cruelties


“a kiss would be a filthy thing to do I mean if we don’t have a dance isn’t it a bit brutal if you don’t make me run just to catch me by pushing me down to the ground laughing”


This project is currently a one-off performance (and we’d like to keep the box office in a friendly pay-what-you-feel basis), therefore we are raising funds for materials for costumes, sets and props. We really would like to offer our audience an unforgettable evening at the theatre.

Risks and challenges

This is a quite modest production, driven by passionate individuals who are striving for great work to be done. The project is already under development, with the support from SLAM, a new venue in London’s King’s Cross which nourishes emerging and emerged creators.

This production contains violence and scenes of a sexual nature.

Running time: TBC

Age guidance: 16+

Text: Adrian Bridget
Dramaturgy: EL Pilkington
With Ashleen Struyven
And July Yang