A stomping ground for new theatre work to develop and be brought to life.

We know how blinking difficult it can be to get ideas and a script bang on without workshopping it first, hearing the play aloud and all of that good stuff that seems to cost a bundle before you even know whether it can be or will be produced. We’d love to make it easier for writers to get their work off the ground; allowing some breathing space for you to experiment, develop and grow it.  Get new writing heard and seen by not only the ‘right’ people but also just people while the new writing market is being squished constantly. You can either be a lone ranger writer or an emerging company and we can help get the show on the road.

This is how we’ll do it … If you’ve got the script, we’ve got the space. Yours for rehearsed readings, scratch nights, run up rehearsal. We will market the socks of it: promoting it on our website and social media, with you. We’ll invite people, using our links to fringe theatres, press and agencies. Read and feedback on rewrites, then help to facilitate the ways and means to take those projects forward.

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