Untold Stories: A New Writing Festival


Fruitcake – Jonathan Skinner

First massage the pastry, then add a generous filling. Baking advice increases the temperature at the office for Victoria, but are the ingredients right.

I’m Just Here to Buy Soy Sauce – Jingan Macpherson Young

Should a pair of cut throat estate agents sell to foreign investors? Can a young couple afford to buy their first home? Who will be left picking up the pieces when the dust has settled?

American Nightmare – Hassan Abdulrazzak

Sheik Nabil has the climate change technology America desperately needs. How far will Ryan, a young contract lawyer, go to get it?

Hilda – Carrie Cohen

Hilda Pimlico, a kindly older lady, favours wearing purple, but why is she often found lurking in the local chiropodist’s waiting room?

Octopus – Afsaneh Gray

You’re an octopus. All mixed up, like me. One leg something, and one leg something else. A post-Brexit satire about what it means to be British.

Carousel – Tom Collinson

A Victorian doctor sets out to find the source of an epidemic in an urban community. Can he save them, or himself?

A River Seen from a Hill – Mark Lindow

There’s a drought on. The shareholders are not happy. The company have a plan to boost profits. Foxes beware.