Untold Stories: A New Writing Festival


Sleeping Arrangements – Roisin Rae

Beth’s on a business trip with her male colleague. There’s one room booked. Are they really just


Scapegoat – Ian Grant

A political tragedy of power, love and punishment

Dreams of England – Amal Chaterjee

A parent responds to a child’s question about a distant country, evoking questions and stories of

borders, migration, belonging and gender

The Twighlight Zone – Suzy Gill

That feeling you get when you just know.

Cornet Solo – Ben Francis

Ianto is an ice cream seller with a jaundiced view of humanity.  One average day he gets a request

from a very unusual customer that completely changes his world.

Tick Tock – Mark Lindow

‘Time, it’s a funny bugger. Not enough when you need it, too much when you don’t.’

Not Guilty – Rebecca Jones

A short, sharp, but completely human shock into understanding consent and affect, through re-

interpreting intimacy, love and community.